About the High5 Challenge

The 2013 GW High5 challenge invited members of the GW community – alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff – to vote for their favorite 5 university programs to compete for challenge funding.

The 5 finalists competed for a total of $39,000 in funding, provided by Steve Ross, GWSB ’81. Each gift to a finalist by a member of the GW community counted as a vote of support, and the program with the most donors between April 22 and May 10 received the top prize of $20,000. Second place receives $10,000, third place $5,000, fourth place $3,000 and fifth place $1,000.

This challenge funding is in addition to the individual gifts made to each initiative by the GW community, which combines to make a big difference in these initiatives' success and growth.

About the Challenge Matching Gift

GW alumnus J. Wendell Crain, LAW '56, re-engaged Steve Ross, GWSB '81 with The George Washington University in the 1980s and Mr. Ross supported the High5 challenge in his honor.

Mr. Crain was "one of the four or five people who took a chance on me in my life…and I don't ever forget things like that," recalled Mr. Ross.

Mr. Crain, who passed away in 2006, encouraged Mr. Ross to become more involved with GW as a volunteer in 1986, the beginning of a two-decade friendship. The pair served on the GW School of Business Board of Advisors together from 1998 to 2006. Mr. Ross is now also a member of GW's Board of Trustees.

"[Wendell] was a real gift to this school who was never interested in personal acclaim," said Mr. Ross.

Mr. Ross noted that another objective he has in supporting the High5 Challenge is to increase GW's "shareholder base," i.e. number of current donors.

"One of my personal interests is to be a seed planter…to excite people, keep the momentum going and increase GW's shareholder rate."

J. Wendell Crain, LAW '56 Steve Ross, GWSB '81

High5 Final Results

Challenge Funding in Parenthesis

Power & Promise fund for Student Aid
1. Power & Promise Student Aid
GW Libraries
2. GW Libraries
Career Center
3. Career Services
Student Life
4. Student Organizations
Study Abroad Programs & Fellowships
5. Study Abroad