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GW LinkedIn West Coast Cities Virtual Networking Hour - November 6th from 3-4pm EST  (12-1pm PST)

This is a special regional based virtual networking hour only for this month. Connect with fellow GW LinkedIn members based on specific cities of interest to share your experiences, exchange career tips & build your professional network!

It’s free, it’s for only an hour and it’s fun!

About the Event

Online networking enables you to speed-network from wherever you are: home, office, library, even on the road.

While registering for the event, you will be asked to answer a few questions, including:

  • “What can you provide or share?” For example, what types of experiences, skills, expertise, or connections can you share with fellow Colonials?
  • “What are you looking for?” For example, what types of connections, information or resources are you hoping to gain from this event?

When you enter the live event, you will be able to pick one of the following cities that you would like to network with people also interested in that city: Denver, Los Angeles. San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. You are welcome to visit more than one city during the event, we want you to make as many valuable connections as possible!

From there, you will be randomly paired with fellow Colonials for several 8-minute text-based chats that will allow you to make a connection, exchange contact information and build your GW network. We hope you’ll join us for this unique opportunity to connect with fellow Colonials in your region.

Questions? Please contact Michael Steelman at

Tweeting during the event? Use #networkGW to stay connected!  

Online registration for this event has now closed.